The Clinic strives to achieve the following goals of care. Patients and their families will:

  •  receive health promotion, disease management care and treatment to assist in the achievement of optimum levels of wellness
  • receive counseling and guidance in locating and utilizing community-based resources as the need arises
  • be an integral component of the health care team in the development and implementation of mutually agreed upon care outcomes
  • receive healthcare instruction using culturally and linguistically sensitive teaching aids to enhance understanding of disease processes and health promotion
  • receive care that is research-based and follows nationally standardized clinical guidelines
 Disease Management Programs: Heart Failure, Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure
Body Weight Monitoring
 Vision and Hearing Testing
 Exercise and Medication Instruction
 HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing and Counseling
Community & Health Services Referral  and Follow up
Cholesterol Screenings
 OB/GYN Care and Referral
 Integrative Health  Treatment Modalities
 Nutrition Assessment

Comprehensive Physical Examination

Treatment  of  Medical Illness

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment

Dental Assessment and Referral

Social Services and Referral